King Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the four kingdoms has everything to do with the timing and logic behind what Jesus said to the Apostles in Matthew 10:23 . . .


Comments on Matthew 10:23 Bible study notebook is a 62 page concise introduction to New Testament prophecy; it endeavors to give the reader the context, intent, and scope of the prophecy of this cryptic verse.  The essay also brings to the surface some amazing historical records about what happened twenty centuries ago, events surrounding the destruction of the Second Temple and Jerusalem in the run-up and aftermath of the Jewish civil war and rebellion against the Roman Empire.
This notebook guide covers the following topics:
  • Questions about the credibility of the Gospels if their expectation of the coming of the Lord in their lifetime was actually wrong and misguided.
  • The possible impact and consequences of this information.
  • A look at the Apostles’ world centered on the Second Temple.  We also get a glimpse at the surrounding Ancient Near East.
  • Comments on the entirety of Matthew chapter 10.
  • We reach a conclusion based on the chapter and its strict historical parameters.
  • We examine Matthew 10:23 & other similar texts in the New Testament that say essentially the same thing.
  • Was this early expectation a consistent outlook?  The answer seems to be affirmative:  There are verses that show that in the strife our Lord’s return was always in view
  • The study guide concludes with a verdict, endnotes, and a select bibliography. 
This is an intriguing study and I am very excited to invite Christians from any historic tradition to examine what I have explored and discovered.  I also welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.  If you discover there is any validity and credibility in this interpretation and outlook, please be sure to share this material with your leaders, colleagues and friends—we would love to have as many Christians in the Denver, Colorado area and around the nation share in lively discussions which are sure to follow!
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