Babylon the Great City—According to the Bible

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Babylon the Great City According to the Bible True Christian

Description: This essay uses the entire New Testament to argue that Babylon the Great City in the Book of Revelation refers to Jerusalem, not Rome, which was seen as God’s unfaithful wife in the Old Testament (Isaiah 1:21 cf. Ezekiel 16:1-63).  The study examines passages from Matthew to Revelation in order to form a comprehensive and well-considered explanation.  It can be a useful tool for initiating discussions among Christians by encouraging new ideas, possibilities, and assumptions to be brought forth while challenging established beliefs.  This writing is an effective apologetic outreach tool for Christians because it draws connections that many overlook when studying Revelation as a standalone book, particularly the statements made by Jesus in Matthew 23:29-39 and Luke 11:45-51, which further support this interpretation.