“This Generation” in the New Testament

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This Generation in the New Testament True Christian 2023 

Description: “This Generation” in the New Testament challenges the Full Preterist view that all biblical prophecies were fulfilled by the first century AD. Specifically:

  • The term “generation” in the Bible can refer to periods longer than a century, even up to 140 years.
  • New Testament passages about Satan’s activities during the Apostolic period do not align with the claim that he was bound at any time between AD 33 and AD 70.
  • At the beginnig of the seventh decade after AD 70, the Hebrew people and their Godfearing sympathizers organized a major military offense against the Roman Empire.
  • After AD 70 the persecution and execution of Jewish Christians by the Sanhedrin began again in AD 133.

These events would not have occurred if all biblical prophecies ended in AD 70, as Full Preterists claim. The New Testament usage of “this generation” and details about Satan’s unrestrained activities, persecution timelines, and the Zealot’s initially successful military actions in the second century contradict the Full Preterist interpretation.