Scientism, Intelligent Design, and Cosmology

An 8 Part Series to Raise Questions About the

Macro-Cosmic Intelligent Design and Concealment

of It By Scientists Today

Auguste Piccard


 Auguste Piccard's observations deserve a second look and reconsideration.



 Longines Chronoscope with Admiral Richard Byrd

Note Admiral Byrd's shocking claims starting @ 1:47 on this interview!



Why Does the Moon's Eclipse Shadow Move From West to East?

(When the Moon Rises in the East and Sets in the West?)

It is not true that the moon orbits the earth twice as fast as the earth rotates on its axis, though.  See answers here.


A Case Against Accident and Self-organization

Book Recommendation and 2005 Amazon Review

If this treatment of the subject of origins doesn't convince skeptics that holding onto the belief that life arose from non-life is an operation of faith rather than science, then nothing will. Over and over, Overman (no pun intended) demonstrates, in exhaustive detail, the fact that there is absolutely no principle in the laws of physics, chemistry, or astronomy that speaks to the origin of INFORMATION necessary for life to exist. And not just a little information; MILLIONS of specific, different, instructions necessary for the simplest form of life to exist. The belief (which is exactly how to describe the view: a belief) that information arose from non-information defies all logical limits, even based upon the most conservative estimates, and is simply not scientific.

Now, I am not saying that "faith" is a foolish position. In fact, to believe in the possibility of something existing that is merely beyond our ability to measure is a reasonable position. It simply and humbly admits that our knowledge and ability to measure is, and always will be, finite. Therefore, we must always admit that some non-material, non-energy, non-dimension things may exist that we simply lack the ability to detect. Such a faith is simply a logical conclusion in the face of our finiteness in the universe. To the contrary, a faith in the mathematically impossible, as defined and limited to a known set of parameters (the laws of nature and the irreducible complexity of the genetic code), is beyond all reasonable definitions of faith and just plain fool hearty. It reminds me of Jim Carrey's memorable line in the movie Dumb and Dumber when the female lead tells him that he only has a one in a million chance of getting a date with her, to which he exclaims, "So your saying I have a chance!" The only difference is that the probability of the simplest DNA or RNA molecule forming by accident in the best case scenario conceivable, is one in a million, million, million, million, million, million chance. Now, if Intelligent Design proponents are made out to be as dumb as Jim Carrey's character with a one in a million chance, then I wonder who's dumber?



Ancient Israelite Cosmology Image 

Hebrew Cosmology Images



NASA's new ORION Spacecraft and first time efforts

(in this clip Kelly admits we have never been beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belts)

Video and Article Link Noteworthy Comments @ 3:40.


NASA Rocket Going Downrange (But Not Uprange)

2 Videos Here: One of Downrange and other of DogCam High Altitude Balloon

See Weather Balloon Flight to the Stratosphere here.


The Sun is Close (Not Far)


Surprise! Earth’s Atmosphere

Extends Far Beyond the Moon

Christians Must Not Overlook or Be Embarrassed About Macrocosmic Intelligent Design!

Iron Snowflakes in the Interior

of the Earth—How and Why!?