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Description: What we believe about God is the most important foundation stone for a local Christian church.  As Christians we want to be able to teach and defend what the Bible says about the deity in all respects.  This concise essay presents that view: One God, in three persons.  The Father sent the Son, the Son gave his life, and the Son sent the Holy Spirit from the Father to fill us, teach us, comfort us and guide us.  God grant us the wisdom and foresight to build our local Atavist Bible churches with the knowledge, not only of his unity, but also of his complexity (Mark 10:40; John 8:42 and John 16:13).  

Description:The New Testament—if it is the inspired Word of God (which we believe it is)—contains a permanent record of the birth, life, ministry, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Christ our God.  Importantly, we have his word and the words of his Apostles concerning his promises to return in the clouds soon in the context of the social world of the Apostles.

The time statements of the New Testament are, indeed, noteworthy; carry great apologetic value and potential and cannot be successfully disputed by anyone.  How is it then, that being shown text after text, and verse after verse, so many Christians—scholars and students, preachers and pastors, leaders and laymen—are okay with the idea that Jesus did not come soon?  How is it that they rationalize that he is still coming soon, even though such a return is very clearly beyond and outside of the contemporaries who were promised to be eyewitness of this marvelous and unlikely supernatural intervention?  This essay explores what some of those reasons may be.  And it also gives Christians ideas about how to effectively discuss and communicate in order to present a credible case that the Second Coming of the New Testament, like all other basics of the faith, should be taken more seriously in the light of its historical context and religious milieu than has previously been afforded it in either popular or conventional wisdom.

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