"Forged" Books of the New Testament?

Forged Books of the New Testament Thank you for supporting Atavist Bible

Description: Dr. Bart D. Ehrman and other New Testament critics are causing confusion and a crisis of faith for vulnerable Christians who may not be aware of the solid and more than abundant historical evidence that supports the truthfulness of the Christian Scriptures.  In this essay, we highlight some lesser-known details Ehrman misses in his rush to dismiss the New Testament as an invention.  Additionally, a significant issue in New Testament studies is the underestimation of the Jewish social world of the Apostles and the apocalyptic events surrounding the end of the Mosaic era that was anticipated by early Christians.  Equipped with knowledge, facts, and insights, Christians can resist any attempts to view the New Testament as a work of fiction, similar to Alice in Wonderland.  In the New Testament documents we have a treasure that not only speaks to historical realities of the past but also provides valuable insights into our relationship with God and what we can expect in the afterlife.


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