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Oh Jesus, There on the Cross — يا يسوع هناك في الصليب

Ya Yassoa Honak

Fel Salib

Samih Robeel

English lyrics:

Oh Jesus, there on the cross. . . You lifted me up, oh Beloved
Oh my Beloved, You endured the pain... To grant me peace.

Chorus: Your presence is sweet to my heart
And Your love fills my being
I feel it surrounding my life
For it is my nourishment flowing in my veins
Without it, I cannot live.

On the dreadful path of Golgotha... I walked, paying the price
For there, Your hands were nailed... I obeyed and salvation was achieved.

On the cross, I saw You there... Loving me from your heart
Oh my Beloved, You did not forget me there... Despite Your pain.

A powerful, rushing river of love... Flowed from Your wounded side
For Your blood carried salvation... For every sinful soul.

Shaabak Ye’len Beek Emano —

Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God is With Us

English lyrics:

Your people declare their faith in You and hold onto Your promises
You are our shepherd and everything we have, and You surround us with Your generosity . . .
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God is with us.

No matter how intense the war against us, Your Spirit declares Himself within us
You are with us, and who is enough for us other than You, our Savior . . .
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God is with us.

Your word teaches us justice and is a lamp for our feet
Your Spirit is within us, comforting us and enlightening our eyes . . .
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God is with us.