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My Only Desire is You (مالي سواك)

Maly Sewak

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has

nothing I desire besides You” (Psalm 73:25).

English lyrics:

I have nothing but You, my Lord... My life is Your satisfaction, my Lord
You are my reliance... You calm my soul.

You are so sweet, my Lord... I don’t want You to leave me, my Lord. You bring joy to my heart... You have brightened my path.

When I meet You, my lord.... How sweet You are, my Lord. You alleviate my worries... You relieve me.

In the midst of thorns, my Lord... my eyes see You, my Lord You heal my wounds... You renew my joy.

I long for Your protection, my Lord... My eyes are enchanted by You, my Lord. My strength is Your love... You are my Rock and my Promise.