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I Only Seek Your Vision

Msh Taleb

Gher Ro’yak

Better Life Rise

English lyrics:

I’m not asking for anything except to see You... I want to see Your face
My goal is to know You.. . and enjoy Your glory
And contemplate Your beauty, which has no equal
And meet You face to face, my Lord...Your glory fills the place

Because a day in Your House is better than a thousand elsewhere
Because a day with You is everything in life.

Abwabak Maftoha Leya

ترنیمة أبوابك مفتوحة لي ( جدیدة ) - الحیاة الأفضل

English lyrics:

How, O Lord, is Your compassion
Helping all humanity
And whoever comes to You
You lift them from slavery

Your doors are open for me
No matter what sins I have
You love to cover my flaws
And on a rock, You establish my feet

You have placed in my heart a hymn
That lifts glory to Your name
Even in a painful wilderness
I will live my life seeking Your glory

Come, all you weary ones
Jesus invites you to Him
Everyone casts their burdens
By faith at His feet.


My Only Desire is You (مالي سواك)

يا مؤتي الأغاني - Ya Mo’ty El Aghany

إنت عالي | Enta Aali (You Are High)

O Lord, All Prostration is For You