The Rise of the Ottoman Empire and the Termination of the Roman Empire in 1453


The Ottomans - PBS documentary

Narrated by Ben Kingsley


Esin Atil   Ahmet Karamustafa

Walter B. Denny   Victoria Holbrook   

Cornell Fleischer   John Renard

 إنجيل المسيحية في العهد الجديد

(بحسب الرسول يوحنا)

Sultan Mehmed II conquered the fledgling Roman Empire which, by 1453 was smaller than the state of New York.  He renamed Constantinople "Istanbul" and made it the new capital of the Ottoman Empire, however, about a century later, Christianity would explode into a gigantic splinter of new factions known as "Protestants" and reemerge across the Atlantic in newer forms unrelated to traditional Imperial modes of Europe, Africa, and the Orient.