The Church, the Kingdom of God and the New Jerusalem Supersede Gog and Magog

Late Second Jewish Commonwealth Studies Series

Fire From Heaven

Part Five:

The Signficance of the Universal Destruction

of Bar Kokhba’s Second Century Hebrew

Kingdom and the Triumph of Christianity

Bar Kokhba Strides into Battle Against the Romans

Bar Kokhba and the Dashing of

Jewish Millennial Hopes

(12 October A.D.132—20 February A.D.136)

Jacob Jaffe


A.D.132—136 & Second Century Israel: Should

Christians Agree on Prophetic History?

Studies in Bible Prophecy:

Understanding the Millennium

The Irony Around Opposition

to ‘Replacement Theology’

What Do We Have Since the First

Covenant World Passed Away?

Bar Kokhba was the kind of Messiah late Second Temple Judeans expected and wanted, not a lowly servant Messiah or one who was Deity come in flesh, like Jesus of Nazareth.  When Bar Kokhba appeared in the second century he fulfilled Jesus' prophecy of Matthew 12:43-45, John 5::43 as well as those of the ancient Hebrew prophets: Ezekiel chapter 38-39, Micah 3:1-12 and Isaiah 6:13; 66:1-5.  At the very time when it seemed as if the Israelites had their greatest leader; their greatest army, and their greatest strength, that was the time they were chaff on the summer threshingfloor, ripe and ready to be swept away by a mighty wind and supplanted by a great mountain that would, over time, expand and fill the whole earth (Daniel 2:35 cf. Hebrews 12:28).