Dr. James White Exposes Bart Ehrman's Biblical Fallacies


Pastor Jason Wallace  & Dr. James White

Christians must understand the reasoning behind their beliefs and develop a strong, positive personal relationship with God in order to avoid becoming victims of Bart Ehrman's deceptive tactics and losing their faith.  It is important to recognize that events from the first and second centuries are not in any sense dependent on the interpretations of some scholar living over 2,000 years later.

No matter what is said now, it cannot change events and realities and the facts established by eyewitness testimonies and existing historical records.  The disappearance of the civilization that conspired to kill Jesus and eradicate the early Christians shortly after their plot, contrasted with the remarkable success of the movement initiated by Jesus, implies that Ehrman's claims about what "actually occurred" are baseless.  Stay strong in your faith and seek answers to any questions you may have.  Typos and variations in expression have not been shown to alter any crucial Christian teachings, but individuals like Ehrman will attempt to convince believers otherwise. Do not be dismayed or deceived!―Mark Mountjoy


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