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The Bar Kokhba Notes

Bar Kokhba Notes

The Fulfillmlent of Ezekiel 38 and 39 in the Context of Jewish Salvation History!

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The study of Revelation has been complicated and frustrated by assumptions about the downfall of the Roman Imperial milieu, but what if Jesus, John and the other New Testament writers never had the downfall of the Romans in mind in the first place?

What if, instead, they saw the looming end of the world of Judæa?  And what if the Apostle John's vision was about the fall of Jerusalem, the State Temple and, finally, the initially successful, then totally unsuccessful Bar Kokhba revolt, which unexpected reversal and crushing loss ushered in the catastrophic conclusion of the Jewish State in A.D.132-136?

It was from such turmoil and chaos that Christianity emerged unscathed and her claims about Jesus were validated by the failure of all efforts to fulfill Bible prophecy by force of arms, according to Jewish nationalist assumptions.

Twelve essays, including five Bar Kokhba dissertations cover various aspects about to this little known, but major Jewish war, which was heroically fought, but ultimately, lost in antiquity.