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This little booklet is support for local, national and international efforts to raise awareness, inform and edify the Christian world about its rich and fascinating apocalyptic heritage in the late Second Jewish Commonwealth.  This classic atavist book, Comments on Matthew 10:23 goes directly to the heart of the central issue of the return of our Lord: When was it really supposed to happen (in our lifetime or in the lifetime of the first Christians?)  

For far too long the track record of wishful thinking, presumption and failure has caused cautious Christians to completely shun the study of Bible prophecy, preferring to leave such topics to millennarian fanatics who always get it wrong.  But leaving the matter in the hands of the unstable has not been a good strategy for the Church to equip herself with answers tempered by what Jesus and the Apostles taught by the authority of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

They did not advocate a Second Coming that was all over the Appendix Images figure 1place; nor did they teach a doctrine that is so vague that ignoring it was a better bet than paying any attention to it.  In eight chapters this subject is concisely defined and shown to be an important intervention to rescue the nascent Christian church from mortal existential dangers at the beginning of the Zealot wars—wars which were intended to topple the Roman Empire, exterminate the Church and proclaim victory for a carnal interpretation of Old Testament prophecies about Israel and the everlasting kingdom of God. 

Now, the Second Jewish Commonwealth had every reason to believe the time of the Messiah was upon them, but they were thrown off and offended, by and large, by the notion that God condescended to become a man: Jesus of Nazareth.  This, to them, was a 'Stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.'  The state of that civilization was also so corrupt and cynical that even the miracles of the Lord were taken as positive proof that Jesus was no better than a demon brandishing tricks!

This book also explains how dialectic materialism and other foreign beliefs permeated Jewish society making many people insensitive and intolerant of any notion of a larger reason for life or even a life beyond the grave. 

When you order this book you are supporting a ministry which is dedicated to offering you sound Bible-based teachings that help Christians understand their self-identity and glorious future in the new Jerusalem in light of the Bible.  If you look you will discover that there is nothing else on earth the comes anywhere near the joy, satisfaction and certainty that following Jesus and being a Christian brings.  The value of what Jesus did for us on the Cross, and his victory over death and the grave is priceless and his love for his people knows no limits.  No matter what situations or disappointments come to us in life we can always depend on him to be there. 

But it helps to know that his word is true and how it is true, lest we be deceived by seducers who hail his promises as empty hopes or ancient fables.

In the final analysis, we endeavor to show that a subject which has caused so much doubt, ridicule and skepticism, turns out to be the very thing that confirms to us that God's word never returns to him void (because he is always faithful to his promises!).   

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