Mission Statement

Atavist Bible Church is a community of faith.

1) What is our point, our thesis? We proclaim an early pre-Augustinian Christian eschatology which deals with the matter of probability that the claims of Christ, the Apostles and the apocalyptic hopes of the first Christians, as expressed in Matthew 10:23 and 24:34 and John 21:22 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4 and verses 22 and 23, did not fail to come to pass within a relatively short period of time, Revelation 1:1, 3, 7. This stance is directly at odds with the prevailing norm in the Christian world at this time.

2) We urge inquirers to investigate New Testament claims and act on them in a proactive and practical way. If our contacts and our interested audience are convinced of the validity and viability of an early eschaton centered around the removal of "those things that can be shaken" as foreseen in Hebrews 12:27, then those convictions constitute the "exigency" or reason for the existence of Atavist Bible Churches.    The Roman Empire did not end or disappear until May of A.D.1453 in the Fall of Constantinople. How then can it be said that the Roman Empire was destroyed or judged as early as A.D.70?  But the Levitical Priesthood and the era of Moses and the Jewish State all came to a conclusion in the same historical proximity as the initial rise of Christianity (A.D.66-A.D.136).  The reasons for this deserve our attention.

3) Exigency--the reason for existence. A cause, related to the circumstances of our coming into the knowledge or awareness of events which happened, but were forgotten, means that, in a sense we will suffer "displacement."  And ideas which have lain dormant for better than 1,876 years, in Atavism, have come back into the light of day.  Atavist Bible Churches are necessary because the implications of a Judeo-centric eschaton conflicts spectacularly with all prevailing conventional Christian norms on many levels. If it is agreed, upon investigation, inspection and thorough scrutiny, that the case is other than commonly stated, then suitable arrangements must be set in motion and maintained, for the ongoing spiritual care and needs of Christians who see the phenomenon of Christianity in this particular interpretive and historic light.

4) Support. Support of Atavist Christians and their churches must happen in the following ways:

a. A dedicated sphere, forum or space in which to hold Divine worship, exercise leadership and execute responsibilities, as spelled out in the New Testament.

b.Obtain paraphernalia necessary for carrying out our liturgical duties before Almighty God on an ongoing and uninterrupted basis.  These items include a complete* Bible, song books**, baptistry, chalice, cups, a plate, dinnerware, stocked pantry, dinner table, seats, unleavened bread, wine or grape-juice, a foot-washing basin, olive oil, towel.

c. The goal of Atavist public worship is to reintroduce and maintain the character and spirit of early Christian services which included confession,Eucharist on the first day of every week, foot-washing, anointing of the sick, a message of encouragement, warning or instruction.

d. In these get-togethers Christians were always reminded and urged to remember to do good and avoid evil.

e. Since there was no 'sinner's prayer' in the New Testament, those convinced of the eternal Deity of the Son of God and the truth of the Gospel were urged to repent and be baptized.  The earliest Christians practiced same day baptism.

5) Mission, Vision & Goals. Because acceptance of the New Testament's apocalyptic claims, in light of the history of the last 70 years of the ancient Jewish State represents a departure from conventional Christian thinking, Christian rights, duties and privileges may be withheld or withdrawn in Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Restoration movement circles.


Therefore, the mission of Atavist Bible Churches, is to:

a. Teach, baptize and teach new Christians to observe all that Jesus commanded the Apostles (Matthew 28:19-20).

b.Introduce sources and research materials, history and testimony which validates the 100% correctness of Jesus' Second Coming, last days and end of the world prophecies.

c. Show how the Maccabees (not the Romans) established the fourth kingdom of Bible prophecy in 165-141 B.C..  In other words, almost one hundred years before the Romans invaded the Holy Land, the Jewish people were able to successfully rebel and establish the Hasmonean Empire as a sovereign kingdom, as foretold inDaniel 2:40 and 11:32 and fulfilled in 1 Maccabees 13:41-42.  The eventual intervention of the Romans (in 63 B.C.) led to the execution of Mattethias II Antigonus, the last Maccabee king, and the complete transformation of the Hasmonean legacy to a client state under the Hasmonean's son-in-law, Herod the Great, in 37 B.C.  In Daniel 2, the direct Jewish rule of the fourth kingdom is represented by the shins of iron.  But Herod's period is represented by feet of iron and earthenware.  It was in this second period that our Lord was sent by the Father into the world to herald the end and the then soon coming kingdom of God (Matthew 4:17, 23).  To allege that that announcement was either premature or postponed represents a devasting blow to Christian truth claims in light of what Jesus said in John 12:49-50.

d. To teach and describe, to interested persons, the nature of prophetic promises and how they correlate and
correspond to the events which marked the beginning of the First Great Jewish Revolt (A.D.66-70).

e. Acquaint Christians with the "Judaea Capta" inter-revolt period (A.D.73--132)--the 'Kitos Wars' (A.D.116-117). This period corresponds with the ascent of Christian power eclipsing the Second Jewish Commonwealth.

f. Demonstrate how the Bar Kokhba Revolt (A.D.132-136) answers to Ezekiel's, Micah and John's prophecies of the ultimate defeat and utter destruction of the ancient Jewish State, (Ezekiel 38 and 39; Micah 3:12 and Revelation 20:7-15).

g.Substantiate, through internal evidence of the prophetic word and historical correlation, that the Church is now located in the continuous historical Great Mountain period--which has no end, Isaiah 9:6-7; Daniel 2:35, 44; Matthew 16:18; Luke 1:33; Ephesians 3:21 and Revelation 11:15.

The direct implication of our being in this Great Mountain period is that no Old or New Testament prophecy about the end of the Jewish epoch is ever going to come true after the fact that those prophecies already came true in the A.D.65-A.136 period. This means that 'current events' and futurist prophecy expectations will ALWAYS fail to happen and, in the process, unintentionally DEFAME Jesus Christ, the New Testament and Christians in the eyes of unbelievers, skeptics and atheists.

h.Endue Atavist Christians with a vivid awareness that the New Jerusalem (which is not a yet-to-be reality but a present fact) to be experienced upon a faithful Christian walk till death, Revelation 21:7, 22-27; 22:14.