The 'Islam is in Bible Prophecy' Bandwagon

First Edition


The Temptation to Turn Islam into the 'Boogeyman

of Bible Prophecy' Could Seem Irresistible,

But Christians From Muslim Backgrounds Should Think Twice About It

by Mark Mountjoy

Introductory Remarks

One of the most embarrassing things a Christian can do is woo people to faith in Christ on sketchy prophecy schemes that promise fulfillment on a date timeline that over time ends up going all wrong.  We all know only too well that religious studies and proclamations are notorious for promising an end of the world that never ever shows up and a new field of studies on so-called Islam in Bible prophecy portends a tragic and unfortunate segway away from the impending events of the end of the Jewish system of things and any and everything the early Christians were taught by Jesus or his Apostles and prophets. 

No early Christian was informed of or ever warned about Islam, nor does this world religion appear in the Bible in any guise and we hope to show that a futurist eschatology built on the premise that Islam is the fourth kingdom of Bible prophecy, or an anti-Christ figure will arise from the Islamic world is false on too many levels to go without challenge.  This will be a developing essay.