‘Israel Only’ and Their Obsession With Creating a ‘Consistent Preterism’

Third Edition

spiritual warfare.2

A Deadly New Theology Wants to Deny God's Work

in the Human Race Ever Since A.D.70

by Mark Mountjoy

Israel Only savants strive for what, at first, seems like a noble, but questionable goal: to flatten out what, to them, seem like problems, kinks, and inconsistencies with Full Preterism; to challenge, grill, and urge Full Preterists to re-evaluate their interpretive conclusions in order to reach the Israel Only assessment that all salvation was intended for biological Israelites and that that nation and that nation alone was Raptured in A.D.70 and that end was the goal and salvation and salvific history has ended once and for all.  In the final analysis, for Israel Only adherents anyone claiming to be a Christian today (or at any time since the autumn of A.D. 70), is sorely and woefully deceived.

1. Israel Only sees Full Preterism as a contextual plateau, above Futurism, but it is not.

2. Full Preterism has its own confusions which people involved with it may or may not perceive a need to rectify, but if those confusions are left to fester that holding pattern strengthens either an attraction or a revulsion to the Full Preterist viewpoint.

A. Attraction: Jesus did promise to return in the lifetime of the first believers and all the New Testament writers did entertain this, not as possibilities, but as certainties.

B. Revulsion: If Jesus did come back, everything intended was fulfilled and complete on, at and by A.D.70, no prophetic events, of any consequence, large or small, follow that banner year.

If A justifies looking into this, B frightens and spooks Christians because it seems as if there is no justification for the existence of the Church, theology, discipleship, apologetics, mission, and everlasting life beyond the grave.  Nihilism, it seems, beckons and the human soul automatically abhors the prospect of meaninglessness,  existential emptiness, or a vacuum.

The Preterist view of time and a generation is corrupt, as is their understanding of the fourth kingdom and the end of the age, but Israel Only assumes, tacitly, that these aspects of Full Preterism are unquestionable and basically correct.

Israel only also takes the aspect of revulsion and gives it a shot in the arm, so to speak, capitalizing on it as a cause célèbre with which they can taunt, tease, and torment Christians and anybody else showing an interest in a personal relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the here and now.

3.The narrative integrity of the Preterist timeline is corrupted by 'Judæo-Romano' notions that persist because of ‘companion literature’ used to bolster and defend the idea that other thinkers realized the Parousia was intended for, and probably did happen in antiquity.

4. Incongruent and contradictory apologetical props help to reiterate, contaminate and muddle the issues Full Preterist hope to clarify.

5 Israel Only proponents have LESS care for contextual constraints, details, and nuances than even Full Preterists, but wish to guide the discussion as if they were experts in this field of research.

6. Oddly, Israel Only has NO RIGHT to participate in the discussion by their own objections to anyone else having the self-same urges, interests, or involvement.  In other words, if anyone claiming to be a Christian after A.D. 70 is a wannabe Christian, then anyone wishing to defend, teach or elucidate the Bible is also a wannabe Bible teacher―if the former cannot exist, neither can the latter.

7.If Israel Only do not believe in God, the testimony of the Bible or any contemporary Christian testimonies of God's personal involvement in anyone's life since A.D.70, by what logic, then, do they urge or inspire?   What drives their own interests in these subjects?  What psychological forces needle them to debate a book which has no application to anyone since A.D.70 (1,951 years ago)?  As no god directed them (by their own admission), as no human authority would or could commission them (they say) or appointed them (they believe) this means that they, in the end, are self-appointed authorities, but is this self-appointment sufficient and is it legitimate, is it real and is it truthful (or is it wishful thinking on their part, the same as they accuse others)?

8. Full Preterism's formulation is discombobulated, and making it "consistent" only promises to solidify complications in it. Trying to perfect Full Preterism into the geometry of Israel Only theologic only hinders efforts towards recovering the balance afforded by a historical framework, free of Roman impositions, imaginary parallels, and questionable corollaries.  Time-narrative anomalies and egregious recapitulatory leaps deny the view a proper framework for apocalyptic progress towards a Biblical climax or closure, making Full Preterism and Israel Only an attempt to basically walk with one leg.

Israel Only is Not an Ideal Worthy of Persuing

Based on the above observations, we believe that Israel Only ideology is a dead end.  In the final analysis, it tends toward Sadduceeism and Epicurean proclivities: a hardness and insensitivity to the Spirit of God (both of which are spiritually unprofitable and undesirable).  Presumptions and unwarranted jump-to-conclusions arrogance about things they do not know and personal issues they cannot know, or if they heard they would not dare believe.  All this means that Israel Only people really function as self-appointed judges whose hobby is to arbitrate the New Testament, its faith, and impact on mankind in the here and now and ever since A.D.70. 

But although this role is not a legitimate one, yet the rhetoric they so fondly and profusely emit is so terrifyingly inaccurate that it reaches the point of being an uninterrupted stream of lies and worthless spiritual foolishness, of the first water, in its own right.

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