The Septuagint LXX


The Making of the Official Bible of the

Second Jewish Commonwealth

*The official authority of the Church always held the Septuagint as supiorior to the Hebrew text, the author is not correct when he alleges that the LXX is a "lousy" translation.   Christians do not have an issue with the LXX, but with the MT that came much later--more than a thousand years after the production of the LXX.   Numerical decrepencies in the Hebrew text also reveal that it is inferior to the Septuagint, nevertheless, let each of us study this issue and come to his own conclusion about the legitimacy of texts.  See the video presentation below to give this issue a measure of balance.  Learn why the Septuagint is superior for Christians here.

Notable Differences between the Masoretic and the Septuagint

 New Testament Quotations that Follow the Septuagint

Caption: Bust of Ptolemy II Philadelphus.   Source: