The Dangers of Straying Off Topic


Hidden and Persistant Misunderstandings Can

Come Back to Haunt Us

by Mark Mountjoy

I want to talk today about something that we only hinted at before which is the danger of prophetic straying.  Of course we're talking about the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the end of the world, the Second Coming, the arrival of the kingdom of God, the judgment, the resurrection of the dead and we're discussing all these things coming to fruition in a distant Jewish past, between basically A.D. 66-136.

In our view this entire topic has to do with the catastrophic events that saw the end of the Second Jewish Commonwealth, the abomination of the Second Temple, the failure of Jewish rebels to succeed in their aims to throw off the yoke of Rome and destroy the Roman Empire, the Jewish Captivity, the Diaspora wars and, finally, the ill-conceived and disastrous Bar Kokhba Revolt.

The importance of way of reasoning is that these events parallel the prophecies of Jesus as they have been preserved for us in the Gospels (Matthew and Mark, and Luke and John).  These are important, not as artificial props to shore up the Bible, but as necessary outcomes without which the utterances of Jesus and his Apostles can find no relevant historical answer to echo the evident immediacy of their concerns and warnings.

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in terms of validation of the New Testament. What is the original message was what the original intent was what the early Christians expected, what they hope for what Jesus promised, how Jesus interpreted Old Testament prophecies, how the apostles

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the Prophet the prophecies of the Old Testament, how they understood the law how they

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understood the intent

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of the

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prophecies the purpose and intent of the prophecies, how they differ from traditional rabbinic interpretations.

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It's worth pretty much

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competitors. When it came

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to, you know, the variety of movements that one alongside Christianity, and

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disagreed with it for one reason or another.

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we want to talk about

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the issue of strain

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issue of strain.

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If these things came true.

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In the state at time.

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What is, what is what is what is strain, what is what is strain and strain is gone beyond. And we want to talk today about what that looks like, and

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why that's

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detrimental to the cause of Christ.

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Okay, so we have

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prophecy coming true.

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We build a foundation on the authority of Jesus his promises. And his vows, his commitment. And we have shell, to the best of our ability that there is a reason to suspect that these things came true in real history.

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And the process of doing that.

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We have a number of brothers and sisters around the world who do agree with us, that these things came true. But then there's that.

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and that body is

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something that comes

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into play. When we talk about

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the book of Revelation chapter 20, and the meaning of God and may God just how far.

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way way way.

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We're gonna talk about.

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So we got a subtle.

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We can't just.

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We can't just.

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We can't just

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get to Revelation

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and start

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strong. With time, circumstances.

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Purpose meaning

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context, background history hermeneutics. And then these are like first and foremost in our mind. In chapter one and two and 345 and six. We know it's talking about what we believe is talking about

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Unknown 6:23
talking about Judea,

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talking about the temple, talking about the aristocracy, talking about the efforts of Jewish nationalism, talking about

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Unknown 6:40

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Like Tiberius, the sia Tiberius,

Unknown 6:49

Unknown 6:50
hundred pound boulder flying over the walls of Jerusalem,

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evil spirits, performing miracles

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to lead the people of Israel into believing that salvation of the nation relied on them being in Jerusalem, which was against the commandments of Jesus, we're strong here, we're strong. We believe in the destruction of Jerusalem, we believe in the second coming of Christ. Okay. And then we get to chapter 19, things get a little fuzzy. Are we sure. Are we sure that this army is, who is this army this army anyway,

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this army, oh this army. Some

Unknown 7:47
wavering back and forth think this army is, is the Roman army. Army. Well, the revelation time would befall Jerusalem. At the end of the Roman army. And this is where the problem, problem comes in through this. Since of two clear city, there's like the fall of Jerusalem, and the end of the Roman army in 70 ad. This is what we need to look in the face and get it off the table, because this moment army theme is gonna is bleeding into revelation 19, Jesus is coming to judge the Roman armies revelations talking about the fall of Jerusalem, and Jesus is talking about the Roman armies. When we get to Revelation 19. Oh. Oh yeah, the Roman, the Roman Empire has to fall to fulfill this prophecy.

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This Roman fourth kingdom idea come

Unknown 8:49
back to haunt us, and goggan May God has to be talking about the Romans, I mean.

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So here we are. Here we are.

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And then, it could be, well, it could be talking about Turkey. It could be 1000 years. Why isn't it 1000 years Why will we say otherwise and then the text says six times 1000. And at this point, we have to turn back to the testimony of Jesus, we have to look at what Jesus said in Matthew chapter, 12 verses 43 to 45. And Matthew chapter 24 verses 32 through 34 this generation shall not pass away to all these things

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be fulfill.

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And we have to ask ourselves, just what is a generation. And once we understand what a generation is and put some weight on Jesus promised that it would all be fulfilled within a generation. Then we have to put a boundary around the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

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Got a boundary that is made to short

Unknown 10:17
by arbitrary understanding of generation, and a

Unknown 10:22
boundary that is made to

Unknown 10:24
Taurus by a disregard of this generation. debate.