The Matter of Suffering

The question of why does God allow suffering has been talked and written about for centuries and in the end each of us must find answers for ourselves.  I have found answers that make sense to me and I would much rather face suffering with faith in God to carry me through than without faith, even if I don’t always understand everything.  He has been faithful in meeting my human needs all of these years and I praise Him for that.
Jesus, God with us, took upon Himself in His life and death the sin and suffering of the whole world and the Father suffered with the Son.  Jesus took our humanity upon Himself and experienced suffering in ways beyond our understanding.  The rejection of the love that He continually bestowed and the physical suffering that He endured in His trial and crucifixion were great indeed but still small in comparison with what He experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross when He felt that He was separated from His Father.  None of us could ever begin to imagine what that was like.  He went through that suffering for each of us so that we would never have to go through it.  The world is full of suffering but God is not responsible for it.  In this present life nothing will ever be perfect for any of us no matter how faithful we are in our desire to serve God.  There is always suffering and disappointment at some level in all human endeavors.  Believers have the promise that when we leave this life we shall go to be with the Lord forever (see Philippians 1:20-24).  Healing in this life is always partial, i.e., we still don’t have an absolutely perfect body, but in that Heavenly Kingdom healing will be full, complete, and final.  These are just a few quick thoughts about suffering.  A good place to start to find answers that make sense is to do everything possible to build faith in yourself and others.  There is no end to the deceptions of the enemy of good to either destroy our faith altogether or  simply weaken it to so as to render us powerless and ineffective.
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It's not an easy journey, to get to a place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place, because it frees you.--Tyler Perry