Did Jesus of Nazareth Change Your Life?

Only by a Personal Relationship With the God of Israel Can We

Hope to Truly Influence and Persuade the Lost to Become Christians, too

The greatest thirst and yearning of mankind happens to be for love, meaning, belonging and destiny, not raw information, not unmitigated pleasure and certainly not obscene wealth.  From an early age or at a time of profound crisis many of us began to seek for God, in ideas, in dogmas, in religious notions that promised imminent escape from a world of sorrow, pain and tragedy.  Born into a faith tradition, many of us had varying starting points (a head start in a version of Christianity, if you will).  And this was not necessarily a bad thing. 

Yet, with study and in time and the accumulation of endless books and knowledge about every imaginable exegetical thing about God, the Ultimate Question, at the end of the proverbial day is: Did Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God transform us?1  Aside from knowledge about him, his era, his contemporaries, his death and burial and resurrection, ascension and even his Parousia, what impact and sway does he, as a living Deity, have in our heart of hearts?  What difference does he make in what we do in our private lives even when no one is looking?  What do we do differently, now that we say we know Jesus?  Does our private life look like what we profess with our lips to believe in our public life? 

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