Romans 8 and the Liberty of the Sons of God

by Mark E. Mountjoy


Do Christians inhabit one world or two worlds? If only one, would it not be the only one we know; the one we daily experience? The mundane world, the world of sky, earth and oceans and mountains—the world of the physical realm, the world that is seen, heard, the world of smell and taste and touch? If, however, Christians are also a part of another world (as the New Testament infers) that world is a spiritual world—the spiritual realm. But what is that realm like? Do the Christian Scriptures tell us anything about it? They do! The New Testament not only tells us that the former is temporary; the other is eternal; the former is corruptible, and the latter is incorruptible, but it also tells us that what can be experienced through the five sense here, can also be experienced through five senses there. But, hidden dangers exist and threaten to sabotage our faith in God; insidious assumptions also conspire to distort or destroy our understanding of the Scriptures and the promises contained therein.

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