Using Bible Prophecy as a "Scare" to Motivate Obedience to God

Confronting the Apocalyptic 'Boogeyman'

Introductory Remarks

The understanding and perception of the Bible as a book detailing the fulfillment of prophecies only now getting ready to come true, means that specific sections of the Old and New Testament will come in handy as prooftexts that mankind needs to obey God for fear that the apocalypse could happen at any moment. Implicit in this notion is the ongoing worry that the very moment one backslides, that is the time when Jesus could come as a thief. Each generation of Christians keeps this belief alive; each generation looks upon the textual promise of a soon-coming Jesus as an event which might easily catch a believer with his or her work undone. And it is this multi-generational prospect of being caught unready that causes many people to hesitate to see the New Testament Second Coming for what it was intended to be: a public termination of a religious era which also began publicly.

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Slave Food Vs. Good Food From Our Lord and Master

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society's 'Green Eggs and Ham' Shown for What It Is

By Mark Mountjoy

At no time in its nearly 150 year history has the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society faced challenges, scrutiny and decline as it is now facing in this present 21st century; the advent of the internet has allowed erstwhile Jehovah's Witnesses and prospects an open window into the Society's unsavory past of deception, misrespresentation and about faces on fundamental doctrinal and policy positions.  Where yesterday it seemed as if the Society's robust growth would continue into the forseeable future, now the collapse of the organization seems entirely possible (if not certain).  For years Jehovah's Witness have without due concern—and without sufficient warrant—trusted the honesty, sincerity and integrity of its Brooklyn, New York leadership, now that implicit trust is rapidly slipping away.

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