Prayers of Christians (No. 2)

Prayers of Christians is a new feature of this site; its purpose is to encourage a life of devotion and praise to Jesus on a day to day basis. The compositions are new and are meant to stimulate a devoted posture toward God, fellow Christians and all whom we meet in our everyday lives. It is hoped that we come to know the God who saved us by a continual reflection upon his Word and by a life that shines as a city on a hill. Your participation in future prayer compositions for this purpose are welcome. Thankyou!

Bless the Lord, O My Soul!

Dear Holy Spirit, presence of the living God, hover over us; overshadow us and speak peace into the troubled waters of our souls.

O Lord, command the light of the Son to shine brilliantly in our lives. By that Light chase the shadows of sin, evil and shame away from us!

Flood our hearts with the wonders of Your love, and let our tongues speak praises continually to God the Father on high.

 O Lord, lift us up; sustain us in the truth of the Gospel of the Cross and unfathomable grace.

Enrich our lives with Your fruits―love and joy, peace and patience, gentleness and goodness, faith and meekness and temperence―and incline our hearts to cherish Your holy will each and every day, from the rising of the sun, till the setting of the same (and give us a song in the night).

Cover us with Your wings, sweet heavenly Dove, and cause our feet to tread the path of faith and hope and love.

All glory to the Father and the Son, by Your dynamic power! Nurture and sustain Your people, till we reach that glorious, eternal Rest that beckons the Redeemed.

Amen and amen!