Prayers of Christians (No.1)

Prayers of Christians is a new feature of this site; its purpose is to encourage a life of devotion and praise to Jesus on a day to day basis.  The compositions are new and are meant to stimulate a devoted posture toward God, fellow Christians and all whom we meet in our everyday lives.  It is hoped that we come to know the God who saved us by a continual reflection upon his Word and by a life that shines as a city on a hill.  Your participation in future prayer compositions for this purpose are welcome.  Thankyou!

Bless the Lord, O My Soul!

Dear Lord Jesus, I bless Your name and I will worship You because You are my God.

You, Jesus, created the heavens and the earth and the sea - and all this is within them.1


They praise you, O Son of God!2

Dear Savior, forgive me for my many offenses against You and the people You created.3

You are Holy.4

You're Just.5

You're Wise.6

You are kind.7

Let the glory of Your crucifixion be my trial to share.8 And may Your sacred sacrifice (for me) not be in vain.9 Amen.

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