Prayers and Breaking Bread

As we contemplate the manifold riches, enigmas and blessings that surround our faith in the Son of God, l believe now is the appropriate time to ask you, our visitor, to join with us in regular daily prayer for those who you know who now stand in need.

 If you know someone who is lonely, or disappointment,  or who is struggling to make sense of their personal situation, can we take some time out today (and every day) to hold them up to God in prayer?

For some, the will to want to go on is only going to well up when you and l boldly reach out and show compassion.  Here, in Denver, we are making plans to seat 12 people at Applebee's for an evening meal and short get acquainted fellowship.  Can we all do this?  Or can we think of similar ways to give the love of God a voice, hands, and feet wherever we are? 

Pray about what you can do to be a Christian through whom Christ can make a difference right where you are.  Feel free to contact us.  Let us know how we can support your prayers and efforts by lifting up our supplications to God with you.

Peace and Blessings.