An Excruciating Gift

How the past death of Jesus displays the present love of God

by Professor Daniel B. Wallace

Are You Drifting Towards Deism?

Professor Michael Zigarelli

The message of Professor Zigarelli is a relevant one, for powerful forces in the secular world and in the Christian world conspire to mock, shame and destroy our faith in a near and relevant 'right now God.'  I have seen and experienced this for myself in discussions with Israel Only proponents and with those who are affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church.  Individuals, probably well-meaning and well-intentioned, have gained ground in Preterist circles and patrol social media sites looking for pathways of influence and control with a view that leads directly down the slippery slope of Sadducceanism, Epicureanism or Dialectic Materialism.  Like the Sons of Darkness of old, they are unfamiliar with any direct or supernatural contact with the living God; unaquainted with the astonishment and surprise of a near-death, vision or clair-audio encounter with the Divinity, they question, scandalize and deride things they know not (Jude 10).  Cynics and skeptics cannot speak of having an experiences of God, so they feel they can freely heap enormous scorn and shame on anyone who testifies of the nearness of God.  They insist it is not possible; they maintain that it could be dilerrium; it could be drug induced; it could be a mere dream—or it could be wishful thinking.  But, surely, say they, such a thing as a God-incidence is neither possible or necessary.

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Angry at God

Ravi Zacharias & Dr. Roslyn Harden Scott Ph.D.